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Paktron Capacitors

Series Name Voltage Capacitance Description PDF Catalog Sheet
RA Angstor

100-500 V 0.1-10.0 μF Radial lead style, taped, efficient size RA-Angstor
CS Capstick

50-500 V 0.33-20.0 μF Thru hole and SMD, epoxy coated CS-Capstick
CB Capstick 2nd Generation

100 V 2.0-20.0 μF Thru hole and SMD, shell CB-Capstick-2nd-Gen
CB-FS Capstick 3rd Generation

100-500 V 0.47-20.0 μF Thru hole and SMD, shell, Pb-free soldering CB-Capstick-3rd-Gen
ST Surfilm

100 V 1.0-2.2 μF SMD, chip, EIA sizes ST-Surfilm
Q/QRL Quencharc

200-1600 V 0.1-1.0 μF Radial lead style, epoxy coated, RC snubber QRL-Quencharc
RB Series

63-250 V 0.001-1.0 μF Radial leaded, encased, metallized polyester capacitor RB-Series
PXK Series

275-305 VAC 0.01-4.7 μF Radial leaded, Boxed Interference Suppressor Class X2 Capacitor PXK-Series
PT Series

100-1000 V 0.001-0.47 μF Axial Lead Film-Foil Polypropylene Capacitor PT-Series
POD Series

100-1000 V 0.001-0.47 μF Radial leaded, epoxy coated, film/foil polypropylene capacitor POD-Series
PMD Series

250-630 V 0.01-4.7 μF Radial leaded, epoxy coated, metallized polypropylene capacitor PMD-Series
PAD Series

1200-2000 V 0.001-0.1 μF Radial leaded, epoxy coated, “metallized” polypropylene capacitor PAD-Series
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