Paktron Proudly manufactures in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA


In existence for over 60 years, Paktron is one of the oldest capacitor manufacturers in the US. Paktron is the technological leader in the manufacturer of multilayer polymer film capacitors and sells across diverse markets including automotive, commercial, Hi-Rel, military, space and telecommunications. Products featured are the Angstor® Capacitor (miniature radial leaded capacitor), Capstick® Capacitor (lead-frame capacitor), Surfilm® Capacitor (surface mount chip capacitor) and the oldest, most widely recognized trademark in the industry for an RC (resistor-capacitor) snubber networks, Paktron’s Quencharc® Capacitor (RC network snubber capacitor).


Paktron is pleased to announce Zach Kilsmith has joined Paktron as Director of Business Development and Engineering

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